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3 Tips When Considering Let-Down-Ratio and LiquiSol

When it comes to LiquiSol, our liquid colorant product line, let-down-ratio (LDR), is an important topic. If you are new to LiquiSol it may surprise you to find that typical LDR range in the neighborhood of 0.25-1%.

This number, though minimal, has a major impact on your business. Since the LDR is generally low, there are several benefits you may notice.

  1. Material handling is relatively easy by simply switching out the color cart.
  2. Color changes are more efficient in regard to time and manpower required.
  3. Space requirements on the production floor are quite minimal as you just need a small foot print for your cart which houses the pump, and the needed Liquisol for use in manufacturing.
  4. Storage space needed for inventory is small due to the low let-down-ratio and concentration of Liquisol.

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