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Black Color Concentrate Without Carbon Black


What makes black concentrate black? In most cases it’s the use of carbon black to give black polymer materials the black color that customers want. However, in some applications carbon black cannot be used.

For example, some medical devices cannot have carbon black in their formulations. There are other applications in some other industries that have a special need for a black color concentrate without carbon black as well. Overall however, black color concentrate formulated without carbon black is a niche product.

The use of carbon black makes it easier to obtain the black that customers most often need. It takes creative formulating of various colors to get the “right look” for a black concentrate without carbon black. After all, black comes in many different shades depending on how it is processed, what additives are used or at what point the various additives are put into the mix. Black isn’t always “black” – and creating a black color concentrate without carbon is a very complex process. It takes a combination of pigments and even the use of iron oxide blacks to come up with the right shade of black. However, iron oxide blacks are much weaker in their color, meaning that it takes many times more iron oxide to create black color concentrate than it does when using carbon black.

Plastics Color Corporation’s goal is to always help their customers get exactly the formulation they need to meet their specific requirements, even if that means coming up with the complex formula for a black color concentrate without carbon black. While formulating black color concentrate without carbon black is not common, our proprietary formulations provide customers with exactly what they need to meet their products’ specifications.

Even though black color concentrate is considered a commodity, it isn’t always. Whatever your needs are for black color concentrate, even if it you require it made without carbon black – which means it’s a custom color – we can make it!

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