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Liquid colors have their advantages in the right situations

liquid color, LiquiSol

Liquid colorant is a dispersion of pigments and/or dyes in specially selected liquid vehicles, which can be customized to the polymer and process needed. These specialized vehicles guarantee the colorant will have total compatibility with the polymer. It also promotes rapid and complete distribution of the liquid color concentrate into the polymer, leading to fewer processing problems.Liquid colorants typically come as a ‘system’ which includes the pump which can be set for the appropriate let-down ratio which colors the resins automatically.

That prevents turning the entire plant sunshine yellow! Those may be two of the reasons that liquid colorants have become more popular over the past decade.Because the liquid color concentrate is easier to handle in the system, it’s often more economical to use and can deliver more effective doses.

Typically, liquid colorants can be used with just about any type of thermoplastics and thermosets.However, take care to use the liquid colorant within its recommended shelf life because the color can fall out of suspension. Handling, particularly disposal of colorants – liquid or powder – needs to be considered because in some states it is considered to be hazardous waste. And tend to your housekeeping as well – colorants are beautiful in plastics – not so much so on your walls and equipment. Learn more about the LiquiSol system only from PCC.

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