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Grass is Greener if it’s Plastic


It’s the good ol’ summertime and you know what that means: lawn mowing time for all of you who live in the “green” parts of the U.S. Some of you may love mowing grass. However for those of you who find mowing a chore and not a fun way to spend your weekends, there’s EasyTurf synthetic (i.e. plastic) grass.

EasyTurf uses a proprietary 100% permeable artificial grass surface backing, MaxxFlow, for great drainage – just in case it does rain. The grass blades are made from polyethylene or polypropylene fiber, or ‘yarn’, which the company says is superior in quality to other types of artificial turf. One of the company’s products even uses recycled soda bottles for the thatching (shorter, curly grass) underlying the longer grass which helps the grass stand up.

This company, the landscape division of FieldTurf, gives homeowners environmentally friendly lawns that are easy to care for, safe for pets, and offers a way to save water in parts of the country that are drought-stricken. No herbicides are needed or fertilizer or pesticides, which makes EasyTurf plastic grass much safer for children and pets.

Plastic grass also gives you back your weekends and provides more family time for picnics and baseball games.

Plastic grass is fantastic grass!

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