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How Regulatory Management Lends Quality To Plastics

color pellets

With the myriad materials regulations that govern the safety of the many polymers that Plastics Color deals with every day, investing in a dedicated Regulatory Manager was a move that helps us be a better supplier to the many industries that depend on us for quality products.

In January of this year, Plastics Color appointed Jennifer Presnell Corporate Quality Systems & Regulatory Affairs Manager. Plastics Color felt that it was important to our business and especially to our customers’ business to have a dedicated Regulatory manager in place. With Jennifer’s long experience at Plastics Color (since 1997) and her work in managing the regulatory department, the color development lab and ISO through her career, she was the perfect person for this new position.

Having a dedicated Regulatory Manager is pretty unique in our industry. However, it gives us the assurance that we have the ability to provide the standards, policies and procedures in place to manufacture the best in colorants, masterbatches, and functional additives for our customers. And it ensures our customers that we have all the right certifications and accreditations in place to verify and certify that when they purchase material from Plastics Color, they are getting the best from a company that can stand behind them.

Plastics Color works with hundreds of customers on their products from concept to commercialization across all markets and with virtually every type of polymer material and manufacturing process. Being able to ensure our customers that the materials, colorants and functional additives they get meet all regulatory standards, procedures and requirements is Plastics Color’s number one job. With Jennifer Presnell as our dedicated Regulatory Affairs Manager, that job is a whole lot easier!

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