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So many colors! You need Total Color Management.

It’s absolutely mind-boggling how many colors you can create from just a few ‘primary’ colors. With this endless rainbow of colors how can plastic-product designers and processors possibly have all the knowledge required to make color a meaningful part of a product’s brand?
You need a company that provides Total Color Management™ to help you from concept through development to finished product. TCM is a new way of doing business.

It is a system dedicated to identifying, understanding and assuming all issues related to color and its use in your organization. Using isaac, TCM helps you manage your color-related issues by involving our business development team at the earliest stage of product development. Through isaac, you’ll have access to a wealth of information about your business relationship with PCC.Trendy colors for 2013 from Pantone – the name in color creation – range from hot Poppy Red to cool Dusk Blue and happy, bright Lemon Zest and Nectarine. Many consumer products companies track these color trends each year to entice customers who like to keep up with the latest colors that make a fashion statement across many product lines.

Processors can depend on Plastics Color Corp. for design assistance, market trends, even regulatory issues and more. PCC provides total color solutions and helps you manage your color requirements including lot-to-lot color accuracy with every run!No matter what color your products require, we can make it happen with a perfect solution!Learn how to manage your colors!

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