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MiBatch - Helping Reduce Your Risk of Counterfeiting

Counterfeit goods coming from offshore manufacturers continue to be a huge problem, as OEMs look for ways to thwart the counterfeiters. It’s big business! Just ask Monster, a leading manufacturer of cables, headphones and consumer electronics accessories based in Brisbane, California. Monster’s products are some of the most widely counterfeited in the world. In 2011, Monster, in conjunction with a member group of the United Kingdom Trading Standards Service made one of the largest seizures ever of counterfeit Monster products in the U.K.

A PR Newswire report quoted David Tognotti, Monster’s General Manager and VP of Operations, “Counterfeits hurt everyone, including retailers, manufacturers, and especially consumers who don’t know that the goods they purchase are not genuine. This is a crime.” On April 19, 2013, Internet trader Michael Reeder was convicted and sentenced to 30 months in prison by Portsmouth Crown Court in the U.K. for selling the counterfeit Monster goods.

And it’s not just popular consumer goods that are counterfeited. Automotive aftermarket parts represent some of the most counterfeited products and even the auto dealers don’t recognize the counterfeit parts until they’ve been installed in customers’ cars and then fail after a few weeks in operation.

Another big problem is counterfeit pharmaceuticals and efforts to ensure that the pharmaceuticals purchased in plastic vials or pre-filled syringes are genuine. Household small appliances are also big for counterfeiters. While the label may say “UL Rated” that label may be fake as well, causing kitchens to catch fire as happened to one small appliance maker whose coffee makers were made in China. The OEM had to recall 500,000 coffee makers.

There are a number of ways that Plastics Color can help you ensure that your products are genuine whether your suppliers manufacturing automotive parts, plastic vials and syringes, medical devices, electronics products or appliances. Material additives that “tag” the resin with a special marker can help OEM know if the plastic being used in the product is real or fake. Is it the specified virgin resin? Or is it floor sweepings from the molding company next door? With taggants, you can test the material and know if it’s the real deal or fake.

Plastics Color can provide anti-counterfeiting systems and can help you design the material taggants or markers that will enable you to know that the products you’re selling to consumers represent the best, highest quality that you can provide. Recalls are costly – not only in replacement products but to your reputation as well. Give us a call and let us work with you to keep your products safe from the counterfeiters.

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