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New Color Lab in California

Plastics Color Corp. now offers color matching services at a new Color Laboratory in Sun Valley, CA. The new color lab, headed up by lab manager Matthew Griffin, is located at Plastics Color’s Sun Valley production facility. The company also has color labs at its Chicago, IL and Asheboro, NC production centers.

“This new color lab is an important part of our business strategy as we focus on meeting the needs of all of our customers,” said Griffin. “Our West Coast customers now have ready access to our formulation services and can take advantage of quick turnaround and more hands-on technical services.”

Customers in the western region can meet tight product development cycles by accessing Plastics Color’s new color lab. The need for overnight samples is eliminated, thus reducing time to market, according to Griffin. And customers can rely on the same knowledge and technical resources that are available at Plastics Color’s other production centers.

At the color lab, an in-house research and problem-solving team works to find solutions for our customers in the key areas of color matching, testing, formulas, and more. Brand identity is vital in creating a new product and we have a vital role in developing and communicating that identity with color ideas that are unique and powerful.

Our lab’s color matching services, which include our huge color library, are vital resources that deliver consistent color across a broad range of polymers. It’s this brand consistency that can be a deciding factor in delivering that successful product launch. Our color lab work is based on proven market-driven data and in-house research which ultimately meets our customers’ product development needs. Quality oversight is never a second thought as we strive to produce the best results. Tap into our color lab resources so we can deliver results for your new brand. E-mail us at

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