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NSF 051-Certified Colors In Colors Now App

When processors and OEMs require NSF 051-certified colors, they need look no further than Plastics Color’s Colors Now App. A group of six shades of gray and white matched in polypropylene are NSF 501-certified, according to Sarah Skidmore, additives product line and marketing manager. NSF International is an accredited, independent third-party certification body that tests and certifies products to verify they meet these public health and safety standards.

Along with the NSF 051-certified colors, customers can access hundreds of colors in the Colors Now app, which provides exclusive access to Plastics Color’s huge color library. Customers can pre-select a color that the lab has already formulated for an expedited and exact match.

What is NSF 051?

NSF 051 certification is your key to making sure that the products you use meet strict standards for public health protection. Choosing a product certified by NSF lets you know the company complies with strict standards and procedures imposed by NSF. From extensive product testing and material analyses to unannounced plant inspections, every aspect of a product's development is thoroughly evaluated before it can earn certification.

Most importantly, NSF certification is not a one-time event, but involves regular on-site inspections of manufacturing facilities and regular re-testing of products to ensure that they continue to meet the same high standards required to maintain certification over time. If for any reason a product fails to meet one or more certification criteria, NSF will take enforcement actions to protect the user, including product recall, public notification, or de-certification.

Plastics Color has made the commitment to provide a better product for processors and end users. With this in mind, Plastics Color has authenticated its innovations in testing and manufacturing with certifications from NSF and other important industry accreditations programs like Underwriters Laboratories and FDA Drug Master Files. From cleanliness to fire safety, Plastics Color has strived to present the best possible product, starting with the creation process. Discover the easiest way to find the perfect color, including NSF colors, with the help of Colors Now app by Plastics Color. Let us know how we can satisfy your specialized product needs. E-mail us at

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