Black Color Concentrate Without Carbon Black

What makes black concentrate black? In most cases it’s the use of carbon black to give black polymer materials the black color that customers want. However, in some applications carbon black cannot be used. For example, some medical devices cannot have carbon black in their formulations. There are other applications in some other industries that have a special need for a black color concentrate without carbon black as well. Overall however, black color concentrate formulated without carbon black is a niche product. The use of carbon black makes it easier to obtain the black that custom


Don’t Be Fooled – Not All Black is Black

There’s a saying among plastics processors that they like to mold anything as long as it’s general-purpose polyethylene, indicating that they like to mold the easy stuff. While a utility black might be an easier color from which to mold parts from an aesthetic perspective, all black isn’t black. Black is a color and it’s just as critical to get the black parts that you are molding the right ‘color’ of black as it is when molding parts in other colors. Black has many nuances of shades – hundreds of shades in fact – that make it imperative that processors use the correct maste

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