Think Pink

People think pink is a pushover. An ostensibly delicate and subdued hue, pink is often relegated to pastel nurseries or the covers of delicate romance novels. No 50 shades here.The truth is, pink is powerful. Paint a jail cell pink and dangerous criminals calm down.Though itโ€™s considered a feminine color โ€“ at least in the United States, for the past half century or so โ€“ pink is ladylike with an edge. Give a girl a Barbie and sheโ€™ll learn that she can grow up to be anything from an astronaut to a whale trainer, and afford her own houses, horses and sports cars. Displaying a pink ribbon


Color is Vital Tool in Forming Consumer Brand Identity

To grab attention at the point of purchase, consumer brands need to break through the clutter of competing products and messages. We are bombarded every day with ads and messages, so consumer brand companies need a differentiator to separate themselves from the visual clutter online, in print and in broadcast media.There are many things that help persuade consumers during the buying process and move them to a specific brand in a store aisle. While key elements such as unique design, graphics and distinctive brand identity are highly useful in drawing consumer attention, nothing is more powerf

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