Benefits of DMFs for the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries

Plastics are widely used for medical and pharmaceutical applications, including packaging, medicine bottles, dental and surgical tools, catheter tubing and other uses.Having an up-to-date DMF is an indication of both credibility and reliability. Plastics Color Corporation offers a catalog of colors, additives and concentrates packaged with FDA-accepted DMFs.The 3 Primary Benefits of DMFsAll materials used for the storage or packaging of drugs and medical supplies fall under the FDA’s Type III designation. Filings are not required, but maintaining DMFs offers a range of business advantages, i


Technical Expertise is a Big Differentiator

At Plastics Color, we use our decades of experience in color development to help customers create a unique brand identity. We work to find the perfect balance between what’s trending in today’s marketplace and the look that truly fits the brand. For unique product solutions, our technical expertise leads the way from the lab to the marketplace.From Concept to RealityPlastics Color leverages our technical expertise and 50 years of experience in virtually every market to bring the best possible solutions to your technical challenges. We work with you early in the design phase as your concept

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