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Taking Care Of Your Plastic Needs

Plastics Color Corporation is proud to be a global provider of custom polymer solutions, compounds, colorants, and additive masterbatches. Which basically means, if you have any needs in the realm of plastic and coloring, we have the know how to make it happen. We provide an extensive range of markets, from pharmaceuticals to electronics to consumer packaging to sporting goods and many more. And to ensure you get the most out of you products, we are available from the planning stage all the way through production our expertise is at your disposal. Because we take pleasure in helping you develop new cutting-edge products that lead your markets.

Our products work in virtually every type of manufacturing process and resin type. Our product forms include color concentrates, additives masterbatches, liquid colorants & additives, thermoplastics compounds, and dry blends. Keep in mind that Plastics Color products can be found in medical devices, industrial plastic content, and other consumer contact applications to name a few.


  • Black Concentrates - Discover excellent UV-resistance to prevent critical polymer degradation for every shade of black, with or without carbon. We’ve got you covered.

  • Color Concentrates - Creating your color concentrates is more than just aesthetics … it’s a science. It all starts in our Solutions Center and ends with the perfect product.

  • Functional Additive Masterbatches - Team up with Plastics Color as we help enhance your products performance and aesthetics through carefully selected additive packages.

  • FlamaSol Flame Retardant Additives - With the elimination of decabromodiphenyl oxide, Flamasol has emerged as your defense for applications where flammability or ignition is a concern.

  • LiquiSol Liquid Colorants - Perfect for virtually any type of resin, LiquiSol is engineered to improve the aesthetics, sustainability, performance, and processing for your product.

  • MiBatch Anti-Counterfeiting Additives - Protect your product and your brand with a hard to find, and even more difficult to counterfeit, signature taggant.

  • MicroBlok Antimicrobial Additives - Fight off microbes with the help of our antimicrobial technologies. Our custom formulas for polymers are available in a silver or zinc base.

  • SoluPET - We proudly offer ready-made and custom solutions for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, fiber industry, and food contact products. If it needs USFDA compliance, we have you covered.

  • Special Effect Additives - Distinguish your product from the competition with the help of these eye catching additives: glitter, metallic, pearls, and glow-in-the-dark.

  • Speciality Additive Masterbatches - From flame retardants to anti-counterfeiting additives, Plastics Color can help create the custom solution to fit your each and every need.

  • Sustainable Solutions - Your peace of mind arrives with the help of environmentally sound solutions for colorants, resins, and additives.

  • White Concentrates - The perfect solution for products where Drug Master File or FDA packaging are desired, we can help you expedite the process for your masterbatch order.

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