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Sustainable Solutions

Plastics Color is Your Solution

Plastics Color Corporation creates environmentally sound solutions for colorants, resins, and additives. With this in mind we have introduced product lines that include: color concentrates made with post-industrial regrind and industrial plastic content, eco-friendly colorant and additive systems and compounds that deliver true biodegradability while maintaining the structural and aesthetic characteristics of traditional polymers, and a line made from renewable resources.

We have found there are many benefits that come with environmentally sound solutions, and have created a line of eco-enhancing products with that in mind. Our EcoPure® helps with biodegradability in plastics. The SoluPur™ with EcoPure® accelerates the biodegradation of traditional, petroleum-based plastic products in a biologically active landfill. The SoluPLAs™ is a full line of solutions designed to enhance the physical properties and improve aesthetics of PLA. And the above mentioned Colorants with PCR is our line made from various levels of post-consumer regrind and industrial plastics.

Getting to Know SoluPur and SoluPLAs

One of our notable sustainable solutions is SoluPur, a range of additives for product solutions. When added, the product will biodegrade when decomposed in microbe-rich environments.

SoluPLAs boasts traits consisting of improving clarity, UV protection qualities, and reducing noise. This bioplastic polymer is derived from renewable resources such as corn yet consists of the strength and clarity you demand while meeting your processing standards. SouPLAs are available for a broad range of packing applications that can be developed to meet you color, opacity, or other standards.

Current available colors

Some of our popular colors include Polystyrene Blue, Polystyrene Green, Polyethylene Green, Polyethylene Dark Brown, Polyethylene Black, PET Black, and PS Black to name a few.

Plastics Color’s Sustainable Movement

Plastics Color is dedicated to manufacturing and business practices that are ever-mindful of our own and our your own sustainability efforts. Our new line of color concentrates, made partially with post-industrial plastic content, is just one way we “walk the walk.” Contact your Plastics Color representative to discuss other eco-friendly products now available and under development.