Founded in the 1950s, PMC Global is a privately held company consisting of more than 20 subsidiaries in 10 states and 17 countries. Through PMC we have access to a global network of experts within the following categories; chemical, construction, financial, food service, health and beauty, machinery, packaging and pharmaceuticals.  If your growth initiatives require outside the box thinking or global resources, Plastics Color can help! 

Additionally, in order to ensure we stay current on all of the latest color trends, Plastics Color partners with various consultants, marketing firms and industry leaders to better meet your needs. Through our network, we can forecast the direction the color industry is heading. This knowledge can help aid your decision-making as you seek to establish or further your brand identity.

When you select Plastics Color to help with your product’s development, you gain access to a resource list that stretches across multiple industries.

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