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11 Steps for an Easy Color Change with LiquiSol

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A typical color change when it comes to LiquiSol, is relatively simple and does not require up-stream cleaning. We asked our LiquiSol Product Manager to walk us through what is involved with a typical LiquiSol color change. Here is what he had to say!

Based on your processing requirements and production-runs, we can work with you to develop a system that best fits your needs. However, in general, if you are new to liquid color implementation, I want to walk through some of the steps generically. So that you may have a better insight on, ‘what’s all involved.’

  1. Bring the new color and attached tube assembly to your machine.
  2. Shut off the color pump that is currently being used by pressing stop.
  3. Remove the color tube from the pump and machine while capping off the end.
  4. Install the new color and primed tube assembly into the pump and the machine. (If calibration hasn’t been performed yet, then at this point calibrate your pump.)
  5. Set up the new pump calibration settings (this differs based on volumetric and gravimetric systems).
  6. Press cycle and start!
  7. If you are using a premixer, after initially stopping the pump, also pull the material flow shutoff to stop the flow of resin into the premixer.
  8. Once the material is emptied from the premixer, open the premixer door, pull out the blade and baffle, wipe out the inside of the premixer and then close the door.
  9. Open the material shut off slide to refill the mixer with resin then close the slide again. At this time you can wipe off the old blade and baffle, or have a clean spare as backup.
  10. Shut off the material slide. When the premixer is empty, open the door and install and clean blade and baffle. Close the door. Open the material slide.
  11. Insert tube into the center of the premixer. Press start on the pump.

When thinking about production level runs, these 11 steps should happen efficiently and effectively in order to minimize any downtime. I will gladly visit you facilities to help evaluate best practices and next steps for your LiquiSol integration. Contact us by completing the form at the bottom of this page.

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