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2016 Color of the Year

Color allows us to express emotion and our innermost through our interaction with people and the products we buy. It is the differentiating factor used by manufacturers to distinguish their products and attract consumers. Plastics Color Corp. (Calumet City, IL), a global provider of colorants, compounds, additive masterbatches and custom polymer technologies, has unveiled the latest in color development with its 2016 Color of the Year. The selection is indicative of today’s leading consumer trends.

First place has been awarded to a bright, reddish hue named Giggles. This lively shade tops Plastic Color's list of hottest colors for 2016, which includes other provocative hues such as Deep Sea, Tomorrow Blue, Momentum, and Exhilaration.

The collection is part of the 2016 Color Trends palette developed by Plastics Color. All of the colors fit the central theme of "TechYes," a concept developed to explain the synergy that exists between technology and color. Both technology and color exist in tandem and they allow the expression of ideas, emotions and thoughts, says Plastics Color.

The 2016 Color Trends collection and the accompanying theme TechYes will be used to help Plastics Color’s customers choose the most appropriate and effective colors to integrate into their products and packaging. It's an important part of the company’s comprehensive effort to help clients understand the power of color, and its relevance in consumer products.

Color is one of the most influential factors impacting product design and consumer buying trends. Selecting the right shade is so important for marketers. The color experts at Plastics Color regularly work with companies in consumer packaging and products, personal care packaging, healthcare applications and more to evaluate their color options and lead them towards the best selections for their needs.

We go beyond the usual services by blending the Art of Color with the Science of Plastics. Let color take you to the next level. E-mail us at Info@PlasticsColor.com.

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