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Color as Diverse as the Cultures that Inspired Them

Magnetic Blue - 2019 Color of the Year

In a world that sometimes sees only black and white, color opens our eyes and minds to possibilities and perspectives that can bring beauty even to the commonplace. The colors of our diverse cultures make our differences uniquely interesting while drawing us together in universal beauty.

The colors of our world can bring about a variety of emotions. Many studies show that certain colors can ignite feelings of love, excitement, calmness, passion, joy or sadness.

No matter where we live on the big earth, color is the common language that brings us together.

Magnetic Blue – Color of the Year 2019

The Caribbean is a melting pot of vibrant, diverse cultures where locals, immigrants and tourists happily mingle together. The natural beauty of its beaches, lagoons, mountains and rainforests inspire creativity, spirituality and peacefulness.

The endless sky reminds us how small we are in the universe. But it also tells us that, despite color, nationality or culture, we are all on this planet together.

Magnetic Blue is where opposites attract and we can embrace our differences.


Japan is home to more than 2 million residents who are 90 and older. Nearly 70,000 more are centenarians (over 100 years old). The secret to their health and longevity lies in a diet rich in fresh, unprocessed foods such as fish, rice and sea vegetables like nori – edible seaweed.

Seaweed may look alike to most people, but its diversity fills the oceans. Each species serves a different purpose and contributes to the whole planet.

Seaweed is an individual fiber in a global fabric to which we all belong. It is the friendship that nourishes our souls and provides the oxygen for our lungs.

Copper Penny

In parts of India and Nepal, Hindu devotees worship the sun during morning and evening rituals. Some pray for longevity and health while others make offerings in the hopes of healing, good energy and protection from mental pollution.

Sunrise and sunset are times of reflection and renewal.

Copper Penny is the enlightenment we all seek to be better people. It is how even the smallest change we make can have a huge impact on someone else. Having respect for ourselves and others proliferates positivity and encourages optimism.

Nugget Gold

The African Savannah is home to an abundance of wildlife and people, all on a continuous quest for the necessities they need to thrive. While all have different needs and priorities, they must learn to share their land for the greater good of their species.

Nugget Gold is the wealth that comes from achievement and success. It is sharing our prosperity with others and instilling in them the importance of self-worth and generosity.


Southwestern France is known for its vineyards and winemaking. Oftentimes, different varietals are blended together to create deliciously complex and improved flavors.

Think of the difference between talking to someone who is exactly like you and someone who is different — the latter can offer a new and interesting prospective.

Merlot is being sensitive to others and their personal views and beliefs. It is inspiring compassion and acceptance to evolve a more colorful, pleasant world.

Dragon Fruit

Mexico is a wonderland of color, from its warm, welcoming people to its vast and varied topography. Turquoise waters, snow-covered volcanic mountains and sandy deserts are all part of the country’s diverse landscape, which is complemented by its brilliant flora and fauna.

One of its native plants — the pitahaya, or dragon fruit — is a whimsical-looking, palm tree-shaped cactus. Its bright pink flowering fruit teaches us not to judge a book by its cover. Because once you get past the prickly thorns, you get a sweet reward.

Dragon Fruit is being open-minded to the world around us. It’s exotic and playful. It is the journey of continuous growth that leads to appreciation and acceptance.

Elegant Pearl

In Antarctica, glaciers float silently through frigid waters. Made from endless layers of compressed snow, the massive sheets of ice can take up to 100 years to form. As they begin to melt, they feed fresh water to rivers. This process symbolizes how we can shed negativity and bias in favor of growth and progress.

Elegant Pearl represents our potential for goodness. It is the purity and innocence we are born with and the hope that the cycle will continue in future generations.

Before Dawn

The black-sand beaches of Hawaii may seem foreign at first, but as you step onto the granules, your feet realize that they feel just like any other sand.

It is like the assumptions we make of those who are different from us before we get to know them and understand that we have more in common than we think.

Before Dawn is where you let go of your hesitations and fears. It is the darkness before the light — a chance for rebirth. It is the power of evolution.

Your World, Your Color

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