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Attend the 2nd Annual Additive Manufacturing for Government Conference with Plastics Color


Being at the cutting-edge of technology and innovation is important to Plastics Color as they continue to develop solutions for their customers. Critical to this innovation involves the need to stay in tune with the industry trends, new technologies, and advances in science.

December 8-10, 2014 Plastics Color will attend the 2nd Annual Additive Manufacturing for Government in Washington, D.C. This summit is an opportunity to continue to engage the industry, OEMs, government agencies, contractors, etc. One of the key themes this year is ‘Redefining Additive Manufacturing for Land, Sea, and Air.’

“Attending AMG is an opportunity for us to build relationships with within the industry and see some of the technological advances happening with additives manufacturing,” said David Witt, R&D engineer for Plastics Color. “Not only do we, at Plastics Color, develop specific solutions for our customers when they come to us with a challenge, we also devote resources to innovation and leading the market with our product offerings,” Witt continued.

As additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, continues to develop a role in manufacturing and product development, it is important to understand the value that some additive masterbatches may provide 3D printing applications.

Join Plastics Color in Washington D.C. this December at AMG ’14 to discuss this topic further.

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