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4 Terms to be Aware of When Speaking the LiquiSol Language

PCC 4 Terms LiquiSol 440x.jpg (PCC 4 Terms LiquiSol 440x)
There are several terms we commonly use when discussing LiquiSol, our liquid colorant, which may be unfamiliar to those new to the concept. Let’s take some time to overview what those conceptually are so that we have a working knowledge when discussing liquid color.

Liquid Carrier –This is as simple as it sounds. The liquid carrier is basically the vehicle system that incorporates the colorant and/or additive package with the base resin during processing.

Dosing – The delivery of the proper LDR needed to produce a part.

Pre-mixer – The mechanical mixing chamber mounted above the feed throat used to pre-coat the base resin with liquid color and help aid color dispersion, if needed, in processing. Many applications do not need this if the screw is able to disperse well.

Delivery System – This refers to the process of how liquid color is integrated into the machine. Depending on your application and production set-up, there are a variety of delivery systems available including both peristaltic and progressive cavity pumps. Either of which can interact with volumetric or gravimetric pumps (more explanation on these topics in a blog to follow).

Have any specific questions on terminology associated with LiquiSol? Ready for the next step and want to schedule a meeting to discuss LiquiSol integration into your production system? Let us know by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

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