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All About Toners

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What are Toners?

A toner is a color Masterbatch used to overcome the yellow index of a resin.

What are Toners Used For?
Toners are used to clarify and to bring the color back to neutral. Toners can help bottles achieve a clearer, crystal look and provide more shelf appeal for consumer products.

What types of resins are toners used in?
Some resins such as rPET tend to have a more yellow index, or resins in which a high regrind is being used, due to the fact that as resins are reground they tends to yellow. Reprocessors will buy a toner that’s on the ‘blue’ side to cover up the yellow of it. PLA in particular uses toner because that resin naturally has a yellow tint. When the material is stretched really thin you don’t notice it much but if you are molding PLA containers it will be much more noticeable. In addition, you may or may not have an optical brightener to go with it to add to the crystal clarity. From a consumer products perspective, using recycled resin is one way to add “sustainability” to a company’s goal of being “green.” Using PLA is another way of achieving a “Sustainable” rating with consumers.

Plastics Color can provide you with the toner Masterbatch you need to make your colors brighter and your clear bottles and containers clearer to showcase the products inside, even if you are using regrind in the mix. Contact our engineering team or your representative for more information.

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