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Counterfeit Automotive Parts Bring Big Bucks to the Bad Guys!


Vehicle components, both the original and the after-market replacement parts, are expensive, which is the reason we want the real deal when it comes to our vehicles. In a recent study conducted by Brady Corp., an international manufacturer and marketer of solutions that identify and protect premises, products and people, 39% of firms encounter counterfeit components. Counterfeit component incidents have increased 241% over the past three years. Cost of recalls in the automotive industry alone average $9 billion annually, according to Brady Corp. So how do you know if the parts on your new car or the replacement parts you purchase for your car are authentic?  It’s tough from the consumer and even the retailer or dealer standpoint. The counterfeiters are really good!

Last February the big news in the automotive industry was Aston Martin’s recall of 17,590 cars after the company discovered the accelerator pedal arm was molded from counterfeit plastic – not the DuPont material specified by Aston Martin.  The discovery was made when a repair shop tried to replace an accelerator pedal arm that broke, and the “new” one broke while the repair person was trying to install it.

Recalls in the automotive industry are extremely expensive both in terms of the replacement costs of these parts, and in terms of the company’s reputation. As a brand owner you want to ensure your customers that the vehicles you produce meet the standards that your brand promotes. With 50% of today’s vehicles made from plastic by volume (10% by weight)* making sure that the polymer materials used in the manufacture of a vehicle are the ones specified becomes critical.

Plastics Color Corporation offers an effective way to ensure your plastic components are the real deal with its MiBatch™ Anti-Counterfeiting systems and chemical markers. Called Taggants, these microscopic chemical or special markers are added to masterbatches during the compounding process. Custom formulated for each customer, no two taggants are alike.

Materials can be tested using X-ray fluorescence and laser detection devices that can identify the presence and qualities of these taggants to ensure that your vehicle components are authentic and injection molded to your exact material specifications.  MiBatch protects you from costly recalls, repairs and even litigation.

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