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Benefits of Flame Retardants in Plastics

Benefits of Flame Retardants
According to the American Chemistry Council, flame retardants play a key role in delaying flashover, which is especially critical to escaping the deadly consequences of fire. Flashover occurs when every flammable object in a room bursts into flames at the same time as a result of a combination of intense heat and the release of flammable gases. This can occur in just a few minutes, and flame retardants’ function in slowing this process down can be the difference between life and death.

Flame retardants have a major impact in easing and reducing many fire conditions including ease of ignition and extinction, flame spread, fire endurance, rate of heat release, and smoke and toxicity. FRs are incorporated into various plastic products such as consumer electronics and appliances (TV’s, computer monitors), upholstered furniture, carpeting, etc.

FR offers tailored performance

Plastics Color offers effective FR solutions for plastics manufacturers. The company has a superb FR additive that provides extinguishing performance for plastic products without the use of decabromodiphenyl oxide. FlamaSol FR™ is ideal for use in construction materials (electrical conduit and switch boxes), warehousing products (such as fire retardant plastic sheeting for shelving and pallets), personal electronic equipment (computers and televisions), and other applications where flammability or ignition is a concern.

Now Plastics Color has expanded the use of its FlamaSol FR, giving you options to fit each high- heat resin need. FlamaSol is designed for your specific resin and application, and it is available in white, black, natural masterbatches, and custom formulations for any color. And due to its flexibility, FlamaSol works well in injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding applications.

Explore FlamaSol FR formulations which are optimized for your resins and application. Reach out to a Plastics Color representative to learn about FlamaSol FR’s expanded uses. For more information on Plastics Color and how to implement FlamaSol in your product, contact a helpful sales rep today by filling out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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