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Corporate Quality Systems and Regulatory Affairs Manager

We’re happy to announce the appointment of Jennifer Presnell as Plastics Color Corporation’s Corporate Quality Systems and Regulatory Affairs Manager. This new position allows us the opportunity to have dedicated corporate oversight on quality systems. Presnell began her career with Plastics Color in 1997 as a Quality Control Technician and advanced within the organization to managerial roles including Quality Control Supervisor and Corporate Lab Manager. She has managed the regulatory department, color development lab, and ISO throughout her career at Plastics Color.

Plastics Color believes that the move to create this position and fill it with someone with a long history of quality at the company is important to maintaining the overall confidence our customers have in Plastics Color’s products and service.

The Regulatory environment is littered with pitfalls, and the landscape is constantly changing.

Additionally there are myriad types of plastic resins, with new ones coming to market for new applications constantly. Many of the provisions of the regulations for colorants or additives under which we work are applicable for the end-use application, it is imperative that we ensure that the products of our customers using Plastic Color’s colorants and additive formulations meet all regulatory requirements.

Your products are Plastics Color’s number one priority and we maintain the highest level of quality to ensure that all the products containing Plastic Color’s colorants and additives meet the rigid safety and quality standards required in today’s marketplace.

Presnell will be based at Plastics Color’s Solutions Center in Asheboro, NC, however she oversees all Plastics Color facilities and will spend substantial time traveling to streamline all facilities.

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