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Think About Pool and Spa Applications

Plastics used in pool and spa applications need to have a number of material attributes to withstand that environment, including good impact strength, chemical resistance to bromine and chlorine, and good UV performance.

Pool and spa components are made almost entirely of plastics including the pump housings and interior gear parts; lighting housings, in-floor pool cleaning pop-ups, system filtration parts and the pipes from which the plumbing is constructed. Materials typically used are PVC and very high-strength poly-carbonate/polyester alloys to provide longevity for pool/spa systems that see swings in temperatures from the extreme heat to extreme cold.

These materials also require colorant that must also hold up to bright sunlight (UV protection), maintain their high gloss, and meet the consumers demand for the bright, long-lasting colors for their pool and spa. That’s where Plastics Color comes in.

We can provide the right material with the perfect color – even white has to be the optimum white to meet the rugged environment of a pool/spa with the proper additives to prevent crazing, cracking and yellowing.

While it might be a bit early to think about swimming, now is the perfect time for pool/spa manufacturers to be considering the spring build season and the after-market replacement parts that will be required by current pool/spa owners.

You can depend on Plastics Color to provide you with the best in Masterbatch, liquid color and dry powder blends for the tough resins required for the environmental conditions that these systems see throughout the country.

If you have questions about additives, color blends or any other requirement for your pool/spa component needs, give us a call. Plastics Color is a Solutions Provider with a wide range of options to give you exactly what you – and your customers – need for a trouble-free summer of fun!

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