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Plastics Color Corporation Featuring Additives Line at Pack Expo 2014


PCC has long been known as one of the best in the polymer industry when it comes to colorants, but did you know they are also one of the top additive masterbatch producers?

Whether you are looking for a flame retardant, a security taggant, an antimicrobial additive, a UV package, or other additive masterbatches, PCC is the company to talk to at Pack Expo.

PCC will be featuring industry leading products such as FlamaSol®, our line of flame retardants. In the polymer industry, flame retardants are one of the most sought after additives. One-size-fits-all products may not work for your application. PCC’s chemical engineer, Dave Witt, could be instrumental in developing just the right flame retardant to meet your needs.

FlamaSol® is ideal for use in construction materials (electrical conduit, junction boxes, switch boxes), warehousing products (shelving and pallets), personal electronic equipment (computers, printers and televisions) and other applications where flammability or ignition is a concern. Products made with FlamaSol FR will self-extinguish, protecting surroundings and personnel from fire hazards. FlamaSol FR surpasses in-house testing standards comparable to UL 94 and ANSI 4996 for plastic pallets and performs better than our previous flame retardant systems. FlamaSol FR is appropriate for use in injection molding, extrusion and blow molding applications.

How valuable is your product integrity? With counterfeiting a growing problem in all industries, guarding your product integrity is protecting your bottom line. PCC’s Mi Batch is a security taggant that can give you peace of mind.

How Mi Batch Works

Taggants, microscopic chemical or spectral markers, are added to masterbatches during the compounding process. PCC custom-formulates these markers for each client so that no two taggants are alike. XRF (X-ray fluorescence) and laser detection devices, either tabletop or handheld, are used to detect the presence and qualities of these taggants. The detection systems are tuned to look for specific elements and combinations for your unique taggant.

You may be looking for the right antimicrobial for your application. PCC’s MicroBlok® and MicroBlok Z® is the place to start looking. Our antimicrobial technologies are engineered into resins during our compounding process, eliminating the need for secondary steps. It’s a safe and sure way to deliver microbe-fighting products to your customers without any additional material modifications on your part.

Visit us at our Booth Number is N-5183 to find out more information on the above products and many more. For a complimentary pass to Pack Expo click here and enter code 38K78 to gain access to the exhibit hall.

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