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Color Matching Provides You Tailored Solution

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When selling a product, color can be everything. Plastics processors and brand owners recognize the fact that color matching is an important part of the product development cycle and can’t be considered an afterthought. Having the right color part is important to most of our customers. Color is especially important for consumer products, and many industrial and military products must have specific and consistent color as well. The right color may be functional, or it may reinforce the appearance of a quality product.

It is essential to thoroughly understand the requirements of the end-use applications for the color matched part. How does the application determine the color match? What is the end-use market and what value will the color provide in applications such as toys, cosmetics, packaging, and garden equipment? Each application places limits on the availability of colorants and the choice of other additives. For example, colorants with good light fastness may be necessary for outdoor applications while toy and food applications may require colorants approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

Tailored solutions

Plastics Color’s state-of-the-art Color Matching Lab provides testing, formulations, and color matching and blends the Art of Color with the Science of Plastics. We partner with industry leaders, track the latest trends, and our comprehensive research lab helps customers design the latest colors and color combinations.

In color matching, certain formulations work better with certain resins, processes, and equipment. We start with what type of resin you require and then design the optimum formulation for your application. This is accomplished for concentrates, dry color blends, or liquid colorants.

We take into consideration whether the plastics are opaque, clear, or transparent and ensure that all color formulations have lot-to-lot consistency and perform to the highest quality processing standards.

Let us help you update your color palette to meet your brand’s latest requirements. Send us your questions by filling out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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