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Color Matching Value

For processors and brand owners, there is a wide range of factors that affect color. These include resin, additives, texture, shape, lighting conditions, usage environment, processing conditions and certainly human perception. In addition, there are many regulatory compliance issues and regulations, such as UL or FDA guidelines, that can impact the selection of pigments and dyes that are used to achieve an accurate color match.

Color matching is an important part of the product development effort and addressing all these issues requires experience and a broad line of product solutions. That’s why processors find it cost effective to work with the color experts at Plastics Color Corp.

Keeping Up With the Trends

The value of Plastics Color’s color matching services is tied to our ability to keep up to date with the latest trends and colors. Brand owners want the latest look, feel and appearance that’s trending in the market. Our Color Matching Lab not only provides testing, formulations and color matching, but also goes beyond the usual services by gathering the latest information and identifying the color tones and palettes that are current and most popular.

We have partnered up with industry leaders in color to ensure that we are continually up to date with the latest developments and influences in the world of color. Our comprehensive research lab keeps our customers at the forefront of design with the latest colors and color combinations for their products.

Technical Know-How

Value in color matching is also derived from our knowledge and thorough understanding of the requirements of the end-use applications for the color-matched part. How does the application determine the color match? What is the end-use market and what value will the color provide in applications such as toys, automotive, cosmetics, packaging and garden equipment? Each application places limits on the availability of colorants and the choice of other additives. We use our knowledge to make the right decision.

In the end, we combine leading-edge market information and product know-how to deliver tailored solutions and the best color-matched part. Let us help you ignite your brand. Send us your questions at info@plasticscolor.com.

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