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Colors Of The Future: Calm, Unifying And Back To Basics

Fairy Fern - CotY 300x

Color has power – the power to change a person’s mind, influence mood or inspire someone to feel love or excitement or nostalgia.

Maybe color even has the power to change the world.

After a long period of global unrest, from political tensions in the United States to refugee issues in Europe, our psyches crave harmony. As an antidote to technology and being plugged-in 24/7, we seek the solace of nature.

In a world of stress, we seek wellness. Divided, we yearn for unity and acceptance. We long to experience life, to bring the outdoors in, to reach across the barriers and celebrate a multicultural society. Above all, we long for stability.

To counteract all the conflict and hassle, the experts at Plastics Color Corp., a global leader in color concentrates and masterbatches for the plastics industry, have developed a color palette that prioritizes calm and comfort.

For 2017 and beyond, here are the colors we can expect to see:

Farmhouse Solid

Before we had high tech, we were plugged in to trees and grass and seasons. Family and tradition mattered. Days passed slowly and we felt connected to our roots.

Farmhouse Solid takes us back to a time when we experienced life in person, as it happened. Enduring and authentic, this is a color that knows how to sit on the porch and just relax. Slow down, it tells us, rest a while and listen to the wind whisper through the trees. You’ll be glad you did.

Fired Glass

Most reds are revved up, but Fired Glass knows how to get noticed without making a spectacle of itself.

Think of Grandma’s treasured antique vase or sunlight streaming through the stained-glass window of a hushed cathedral. Think of things that were and worlds that could be.

But don’t deny this color’s spicy side. Like an incense-scented candle or a colorful bazaar, Fired Glass can capture your attention and send your imagination on a voyage to exotic places.

Autumn Cream

Do you dream in Autumn Cream?

Imbued with a simple, basic goodness, Autumn Cream is as cozy and comforting as a hand-knit sweater. It’s a taste of wild honey on your tongue. It’s the deep breath you take when you’ve hiked to the top of the mountain and are rewarded with a sunset that’s even more amazing than usual.

Is it nature? Or nurture? Maybe it’s both, all enveloped in a sensation of pure, wholesome joy.

Fairy Fern

According to folklore, a fairy is born every time a new baby laughs for the first time. The tiny Tinkerbells find their way to the forest, where they scamper through the trees and fill the woodlands with magic and whimsy.

Fairy Fern exists in the enchanted space between ambitious growth and firm stability. It brings the outdoors in – inside both our homes and our imaginations. Whether you daydream by the solitary lakeshore or contemplate the city skyline through a sunny, plant-filled window, Fairy Fern is there to help you hold onto your roots while you soar on the breeze.

Field Mist

Sometimes you ask yourself, what is real? Are those wildflowers in the haze? Is that an aura or the sun striving to rise behind the vapors? Are those tiny pink buds a herald of spring?

Delicate as a dream, Field Mist offers an escape from everyday stress. We can let our minds wander. We can look into the distance and envision a better world, whispering to ourselves, what if and imagine and wouldn’t it be wonderful?

Plastics Color is a member of Color Marketing Group, the premier international association for color design professionals, and a participant at the recent Color Design Summit 2018+.

A year from now, society will still be experiencing conflict and strife. It’s the way of the world. But rooted in Farmhouse Solid or connected to nature through Fairy Fern, perhaps we’ll all feel a little more in tune with ourselves and the universe as color leads the way to more serene opportunities.

Your World, Your Color

Whether you want the newest, most up-to-date colors or need a match for an existing shade, the experts at Plastics Color Corp. can assist you. For your own copy of all of the 2017 Back To Basics colors, complete with specific color numbers, check out our downloadable PDF here.

To learn more about the company’s color concentrates, color matching and other products and services, please fill out the contact form located at the bottom of this page.

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