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Colors of the Soul: Look Inward, Outward and Beyond

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Color influences many of our daily actions. Do you stop, go or slow down at a traffic light? Is it time to wake up or go to sleep?

Color also affects our moods and mindset.

Unrest and divisiveness seem to be never-ending, but we can change things with simple reflection. Progressing our individual growth is necessary in society.

We seek stability personally, professionally and culturally. We must look at our souls, at our surroundings and our future for this comfort. We have the power to create change, to bridge the gaps and to promote peace.

The experts at Plastics Color, a global leader in color concentrates and masterbatches for the plastics industry, have developed a color palette that focuses on the soul, looking inward, outward and beyond.

For 2018, here are the colors we can focus on:

Look Up – Sunrise

Look up from your phone, tablet and computer to see the world presented in an array of splendid color. Reach within, find your inner fire and use it to fuel your every day.

Sunrise is energy. You are ready to take on whatever challenges are ahead. Your inner passion is breathtakingly beautiful and unique. Reflect on this and you might be surprised where it’ll take you.

Look Down – Daring

“Learn to see things backward, inside out and upside down.” – John Heider

The fiery orange lights up the darkness that can surround you. Dare to do the impossible with the energy of the burning sun. Ignite your mind to challenge negativity and discouraging thoughts in order to push yourself further.

Daring is seeking experiences you never thought possible. Burn your own fire brightly and consistently amid the changing weather.

Look In – Inner Warmth

When all around you is chaos, create peace within. Inner warmth is the comfort of your bed with a hundred blankets and pillows. It’s a hug from the ones you love. It’s the gorgeous spring flowers that make you gasp in wondrous awe.

Create your calm and rest in your happy place. Breathe in tranquility and exhale positive vibes.

Look Out – Great Divide

Breathtaking and unbelievable, Great Divide is the unknown in a single color. It’s the depths of the sea and the heights of the heavens. The vastness that often overwhelms us can bring people together. We are only as divided as we choose to be.

Forego division for love, acceptance and understanding. Yearn to share the comfort you feel when watching the ocean.

Look Forward – Neutral Freedom

The rise of young professionals is more prominent than ever. Neutral Freedom is ambition, zeal and motivation. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel that is hard work. It’s confidence and persistence.

Never stop pursuing your dreams. Look towards the future and envision change, solitude and serenity.

Look for Color

Looking for the colors of your soul? The experts at Plastics Color offer the color spectrum for all of your needs. Download a copy of the 2018 Colors of the Soul Guide complete with specific color numbers today.

To learn more about color colorants for plastics, color concentrates, and functional additives, please fill out the contact form located at the bottom of this page.

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