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Don’t Be Fooled – Not All Black is Black


There’s a saying among plastics processors that they like to mold anything as long as it’s general-purpose polyethylene, indicating that they like to mold the easy stuff. While a utility black might be an easier color from which to mold parts from an aesthetic perspective, all black isn’t black. Black is a color and it’s just as critical to get the black parts that you are molding the right ‘color’ of black as it is when molding parts in other colors.

Black has many nuances of shades – hundreds of shades in fact – that make it imperative that processors use the correct masterbatch to get the right shade of black that meets customer requirements. Shades of black can differ slightly from pure black, and can include brownish-black, bluish-black, greenish-black and Onyx (considered a pure black), and many more. While it might not be possible to detect these “off-black” shades of black containing these differing hues of other colors in them with the naked eye, a color spectrometer is a useful tool that can measure these shades and hues on physical parts to get the right color for the application.

EPA sealPCC has all the right equipment and expertise to measure these shades of black to provide the perfect shade of black masterbatch for many color application requirements in a variety of resins. We can work with our customers to develop not just a “black” masterbatch, but the exact “black” masterbatch.

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