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Branding for beauty

Cosmetics products depend heavily on their packaging to provide their branding. Shapes, colors, labels and logos all promote the ‘look’ of the specific brand in a sea of products, and entice consumers to ‘pick me up!’.Puttin’ on the Ritz for high-end brands requires packaging of lustrous glossy finishes with bright metallic decorations hot-stamped into the packaging.  They also need to be molded out of durable polycarbonate material to hold up for repeated usage, have a hefty feel and a rich look.

These brands go for unique shapes, especially in perfume bottles. All of these features are the perfect differentiators, and plastics can provide durability, creative package shapes and colors, and the ability to decorate the packaging in a number of ways to add glitz and glamour in a crowded market space. Mass market consumer brands also need differentiators, and go for packaging in bright, day-glo colors and jazzy packaging to attract the younger demographic who are looking for cool, sleek and stylish.It’s true that what’s on the inside is important, but what counts is the outside – great packaging that provides the branding that sells the products!

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