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Antimicrobials for polymers increase cleanliness

Whether you are healthmicroblokcare professional using plastic medical devices, or you have appliances in your home, everyone wants to try to keep plastic clean. To reduce stains, odors, or deterioration, custom-formulated antimicrobials for polymers have been created.Microbes are too small to be seen with the naked eye. Once the microbes have multiplied, only then can they be detected without a microscope.

To affect the growth of bacteria, silver ions can be dispersed throughout the polymer matrix. The silver ions inhibit the growth of bacteria without disappearing themselves. Therefore the silver ions continue to work in keeping the product fresh.Antimicrobials have been created for the polymer industry to keep products cleaner longer.

Medical devices typically include plastic that is not inherently bacterial resistant. With the use of these antimicrobials, there is a sense of security on how long the medical device will maintain its cleanliness. By impeding the growth of bacteria on the surfaces of products, antimicrobials can reduce stains, odors or product deterioration. Crucial products like medical devices, medical packaging, and appliances will be positively affected by the use of antimicrobials.Learn about how Plastics Color Corp contributes to the hygiene of healthcare facilities worldwide.

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