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Processing machinery projections

If you’re curious to know how the plastics processing machinery market is projected to fare over the next few years, Reportlinker.com has a new report out on that market. Globally, plastics processing machinery demand is expected to advance 7% annually through 2017 to $37.6 billion. The report, released at the end of last year, attributed this to a healthier sales climate, resulting from accelerations in fixed investment spending and plastic resin consumption growth that will spur gains.

Markets that will push the greatest demand for machinery include packaging for food and beverage markets as living standards continue to rise in developing countries, stimulating greater consumption of packaged goods. In fact, packaging will remain the largest single market for plastics processing machinery, followed in size by consumer/institutional products, construction and other miscellaneous markets.

Injection molding equipment will continue to be the most popular product type, accounting for close to two-fifths of 2017 new machine sales due to its versatility across a wide range of applications, according to the new report.

This might surprise you – demand for 3D plastics printers is expected to grow the fastest of any plastics processing equipment type. 3D printers offer more flexibility in product design than traditional machines and will provide functional competition to injection molding equipment for custom-made parts, as well as in other low output and prototyping applications.

Developing markets will provide the best growth opportunities for suppliers of plastics processing equipment through 2017. Central and South American sales will climb the most rapidly, led by the large and fast-rising Brazilian market, followed by the Africa/Mideast region, led by Turkey. China is currently by far the largest national equipment markets, accounting for 29% of all 2012 sales, and it will continue to dominate global demand in 2017.

If you’re interested in knowing more about this growth market, what it might mean to your business in terms of competition and the growth of various types of processes, you can find information at www.reportlinker.com.

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