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Sustainable options for polymers come in several forms


The polymer industry has faced criticism through the years for its questionable impact on the environment. With consumer products and packaging applications relying on plastics, getting rid of the material is not an option. The industry has heard the call from consumers and regulators to develop sustainable options for polymers with lower carbon footprints and enhanced disposable options.

Now, innovative technology and research are transforming products and replacing harmful materials with sustainable solutions, resulting in biodegradable plastics.What are biodegradable plastics?

They are created in two ways. The first is through polymers produced from renewable plant-based resins or a combination of plant and petroleum resins. The second way is combining an additive with traditional petroleum-based resins which accelerates the bio degradation of traditional petroleum-based plastics. Once there is an environmental condition present, such as heat, pressure, moisture, mechanical stress or UV exposure, the process of bio degradation begins.Forward-thinking products will reshape the polymer industry in a positive light. With a new generation of dedicated research and awareness for the environment, highly renewable plastics will be the next phase of the market.  As the industry continues to evolve toward sustainable material solutions, a new found confidence in the capabilities of plastics will develop in consumers.

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