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OSHA Honors Plastics Color Corporation for Outstanding Safety Records in 2015

OSHA Safety Records
Plastics Color Corp. has good news to report about the health and safety performance of its manufacturing facilities. The company’s Illinois and California plants have been honored with perfect safety records in 2015. “This is an outstanding achievement and we couldn’t be prouder of our employees in Illinois and California,” said Joseph Byrne, president of Plastics Color. “We congratulate all of our associates who do their job year after year in a safe and responsible manner.”

Illinois associates finished the year without a single OSHA recordable injury or illness while working a total of 8741 hours. This marks the fourth straight year that Sun Valley employees have worked without a single OSHA recordable injury.

Meanwhile, California associates also finished the year without a single OSHA recordable injury/illness while working a total of 122,305 hours. The Plastics Color Safest Plant Award was started in 1995 as a way to recognize the facility with the lowest OSHA recordable injury/illness incidence rate. The OSHA formula for determining the rate is the number of recordable injuries/illnesses divided by the total hours worked.

The perfect safety records also resulted in no medical treatment (beyond first-aid) and no losses for medical expenses or wages for lost work days. In addition, plant operations were not disrupted for a single minute because of a workplace injury or illness. Most importantly, every single associate returned home safely after their workday.

Plastics Color believes that the health and safety of its employees is valued above all else. The company ensures that its operations, workplace, and products are free from significant risk to the health and safety of its employees. Plastics Color provides their employees and visitors with a safe workplace and encourages and involves employees in the evaluation and continuous improvement of plant environmental, health, safety, and medical systems.

Employees at both plants were recognized at a luncheon to honor their outstanding safety performance. Congratulations to all employees for a job well done! For more information on the company’s environmental and safety efforts, fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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