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Overview of Liquid Colorant and Equipment

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Liquid color concentrates have advanced over the past two decades as the materials, processing, carrier technology and equipment have evolved to meet increased demand and new applications. Plastics Color has been on the cutting edge of liquid color concentrate technology for more than thirty years, and we continue to be a leader in this sector with our LiquiSol liquid colorants.

What is liquid color concentrate? It is the dispersion of pigments and/or dyes in a liquid carrier that is customized to be compatible with the resin types and the processes being used. LiquiSol is compatible with virtually all resin types.

Liquid color concentrates also require metering equipment to deliver the precise amount of color needed. Liquid color concentrate can also contain other additives for additional functional performance. There are two types of common equipment used to deliver the proper amount of colorant needed; volumetric and gravimetric. Volumetric utilizes a pre-calibrated amount of material which then is delivered into process as the machine cycles. A gravimetric system utilizes loss-in-weight technology delivering the proper amount by weighing the dose as the machine cycles. LiquiSol can be metered through a peristaltic pump via the use of a tube assembly, or a progressive cavity pump otherwise known as a shaft pump. And, because the delivery method is mechanical there is minimal human interface with the material. That means greater accuracy in the delivery of the colorant for more consistent color. Advanced technology in metering equipment has also made it easy to set and maintain the proper let-down-ratio so that the right amount of colorant is dosed into the resin in a consistent manner.

LiquiSol can be used in various resins, such as POs, PS, PET, PVC, ABS, Nylon, TPE, TPU, etc. for various processing systems, such as blow molding, injection molding, extrusion, and rotational molding, etc.

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