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From Fun To Function: Plastics Add More Convenience To Daily Life

Plastics Add Convenience
In the high-growth consumer electronics market, plastics play a variety of roles, making our personal lives easier, safer, less expensive, and more fun. Lightweight, durable, attractive, and cost-effective plastics are used in most small appliances, including coffee makers, irons, mixers, can openers, hair dryers, and shavers. Appliances such as microwave ovens and food processors use plastics to offer consumers unprecedented convenience. And all refrigerators today are insulated with thermal-efficient plastic foam, and their interiors are made of durable, easy-to-clean plastics.

Today’s computer systems including mobile and other handheld devices all depend on plastic housings, circuit boards, components and packaging to bring them to life. Durability and cost savings, parts consolidation, design flexibility, weatherability, and chemical resistance are among plastics’ key advantages. The continuing miniaturization of circuit boards and components such as computer chips increasingly relies on high-performance plastics to provide tough, dimensionally stable parts that can withstand both the stress of assembly and the strain of use. Plastics enable designers to simultaneously decrease size and increase the functionality of circuitry in consumer, business, and industrial electronics.

Lightweight plastics do not conduct electricity and are therefore used in a variety of applications where their insulating properties are needed. To further protect the consumer, plastics can be made fire resistant through the use of special flame retardant additives. Plastics can also be delivered in any color and are ideally suited to complex designs.

New Additives Meet Growing Demand

In response to strong demand, Plastics Color has focused on the development of performance additives to enhance the use of plastics in consumer electronics. Among them is FlamaSol FR™ which provides a flame retardant system without the potentially toxic exposure that plagued electronics in years past.

FlamaSol FR is appropriate for use in injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding applications. It surpasses in-house testing standards comparable to UL 94 and ANSI 4996 and performs better than previous flame retardant systems.

Plastics Color also offers antioxidants and UV stabilizers. UV stabilizers block, or absorb the UV light with the purpose of preventing the decomposition of the product polymer chain. Antioxidants help prevent the oxidative degradation of the polymer, thus decreasing the speed of decomposition. This helps the product avoid the appearance of rapid aging due to ill effects of the sun’s rays.

For more information on Plastics Color and how to implement its additives for your next consumer electronics application, contact a helpful sales rep today by filling out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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