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Plastics Color Solution Center

Meeting today’s manufacturing demands requires a level of expertise that blends resources and knowledge. Plastics Color’s Solutions Center is built from the ground up to provide a comprehensive product development effort that meets the demands of today’s processors. Most unique is our ability to compress the product development process and quickly provide a color match. A process that typically takes 6-8 weeks is reduced to just one day. Here’s what a typical day at the Solutions Center looks like:

Concentrated Focus

The manufacturer and brand owner send a team to North Carolina to spend a day at the Solutions Center. The technical and color lab leads from the Plastics Color team join the meeting as well in order to have first hand discussions as a group. Discussion focuses on the application, regulatory requirements, and market demands. The give-and-take discussion speeds up the development and we register all feedback and our lab produces matches while you are on site.

Our technical team examines the application from creative and scientific standpoints and considers color trends that may impact the project. The end result is to leave the day with a handful of color matches to implement in the products. With all the parties present more is accomplished and the focused effort delivers an end result – namely a desired color match.

This compressed effort at our Solutions Center is a major advantage over lengthy processes that involve back-and-forth tweaking and discussion over color issues. With all the parties and all the resources situated in the same place, there is a more focused effort that enables discussion, feedback, and action to take place quicker and in a more dynamic fashion.

The bottom line is that brand owners with tight product development cycles can speed through the process and get their product to market faster.

We use our decades of experience in color development to help customers create a unique brand identity. We work to find the perfect balance between what’s trending in today’s marketplace and what look truly fits the brand. To deliver unique product solutions, let the Plastics Color development team lead the way from the lab to the marketplace.

Let us know how we can deliver the right solution for you. E-mail us at Info@PlasticsColor.com.

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