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Prevent Slipping With Functional Additives

PCC_Additives_Prevent_Slippage 440x.jpg (PCC Additives Prevent Slippage 440x)
As we continue to look at various functional additives, slip additives are important to consider. By definition, slip additives are added to plastic materials to reduce the surface of friction of polymers and are used to enhance either processing or end-use application.

Plastics can be naturally sticky and have a high coefficient friction when coming in contact with other plastic parts or other surfaces. For certain applications, this can cause a range of processing or performance challenges such as parts sticking to the mold surface during ejection, minor differences in part dimensions which makes assembly difficult to complete, and sheet or film adhering to itself. With these types of challenges in mind, slip additives help to achieve positive solutions by promoting the de-nesting and ejecting of parts of highly intricate shapes.

How do they work?

When slip additives are included in a polymer formulation, they migrate or bloom to the surface. At the surface, a lubricating layer is formed that decreases the coefficient of friction and allows the plastic part to smoothly slide across another surface. A short-term bloom is typically used to facilitate easy ejection of parts out of the mold while a long-term bloom provides a continual lubricating release.


Slip additives are used extensively in the manufacture of polyolefin films. In their natural state, most polyolefins exhibit some tackiness and therefore can’t be readily processed into packaging films without these additives to ease their ability to separate and slide.


For processors, slip additives deliver improved processability and a reduction in reject parts and greater production throughput. For manufacturers of trash bags and other film products, slip additives facilitate easy release and improved efficiency. In the packaging market, consumer products such as caps and closures close more easily and require minimum force to open thanks to the use of slip additives. In addition to these markets, slip additives are used in a range of markets including consumer and industrial goods, building and construction, and transportation.

At Plastics Color, we can custom formulate a functional additive package to meet the requirements of your resin, application, product life span, etc. We keep these factors, and more, in mind when formulating a slip additive as an additive masterbatch or as part of your colorant package. Get started today by filling out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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