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Ready For Colorful Advice?

Colorful Advice
If you’re looking to launch a new product or undertake some long-term design and development work, now’s the time to reach out for expert color development advice from a sales representative at Plastics Color Corp. We’re armed with trend-setting information, a broad range of technical resources, and a strong desire to work closely with our customers.

Color development is a multi-pronged effort that involves extensive discussion with our customer and their customer (the brand owner). Our Color Matching Lab not only provides testing, formulations, and color matching, but we go beyond the usual services by blending the Art of Color with the Science of Plastics.

Close Collaboration With Customers

Plastics Color believes in developing close relationships with its customers. Customer feedback is a must as we work to develop the right color for the application. We feed off each other to develop a strategy and ultimately identify the appropriate color formulation for your brand.

What’s New And Trending

Plastics Color has partnered with industry leaders in color to ensure that we are continually up-to-date with the latest trends and influences in the color world. Our comprehensive research lab helps our customers design the latest colors and color combinations.

It’s often the case that certain formulations work better with certain resins, processes, and equipment. We draw on our experience and then work to design the perfect formulation for your resin/color mix. And we can do that for concentrates, dry color blends, or liquid colorants.

Long-Time Experience

With decades of experience in color development, our team of skilled scientists routinely introduces innovative products to the marketplace. We use this knowledge to help customers create a product that communicates a specific brand identity. It’s the perfect collaboration between what’s trending and what’s appropriate for the brand.

Our single most powerful weapon is the Solutions Center in Asheboro, N.C. which provides the environment and resources to brainstorm, create, and test new colors for the plastic products of tomorrow. The Center is supported by the latest equipment and an up-to-date inventory of color chips and samples for on-demand delivery. This is combined with a highly skilled and experienced team of technical sales representatives to foster development and commercialization of new products. We have all the elements in place and we’re ready to deliver the next wave of breakthrough applications. Get your color development process started now by filling out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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