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Scent Additives: A Unique Advantage

Scent Additives Advantage
When it comes to value-added products, scent additives deliver a unique advantage. They are used in a range of applications and are playing a growing role in consumer products for the home. They are used to reflect the fragrance or aroma of the product in plastic packaging and can even help mask an unpleasant odor of some plastics. To enhance their marketing efforts, manufacturers use scents in their plastic products, creating a mood and attracting consumer attention. Scents also help manufacturers mask unpleasant odors in applications such as dust bin bags or household chemical containers.

Instead of more traditional methods of releasing fragrances into the environment such as sachets, candles, and sprays, fragrances are now increasingly embedded in consumer goods such as laundry baskets, storage containers, soap dishes, and sink stoppers to impart scent into the environment. In industrial applications, such as scents for hotels, offices and public areas, fragrances are being encapsulated in both polymers and fibers.

Low Temperatures for Fragrances

Due to processing temperature concerns, fragrances are better suited to low-temperature materials such as olefins rather than higher temperature plastics such as nylon or PET. Fragrances are typically incorporated into masterbatches for later addition during extrusion or molding of the plastic part.

In addition to olefins, scent additives are used in flexible PVC and thermoplastic elastomers. Among the key applications are plastic products that people or animals might put in their mouths, such as mouthpieces or dog toys. Plastics Color offers a masterbatch which incorporates scents. Popular scents include vanilla, bubble gum and spearmint.

Scent additives are just another weapon in Plastics Color’s broad arsenal of products. The company delivers on more than 50 years of experience and works with a broad base of polymers and formulations to meet the needs of a wide range of applications. Fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page to be connected with our solutions center today.

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