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Special effect additives

Special-effect masterbatches are widely used to enhance the visual effects of consumer products. There are a broad range of special effect options that can be used in finished products such as toys, CDs, safety products, cosmetic bottles and personal care/fashion products, along with industrial parts in the automotive and electrical industries.

Special effects are vital in today’s consumer and industrial markets. Processors and brand owners are always seeking to differentiate their products and secure an edge with consumers. Product development efforts always consider what’s trending in terms of style, look and color. A market analysis takes into consideration the latest trends and what’s “in” when it comes to special effects.

Details matter, and the addition of a sparkle or eye-catching fluorescent can help your product pop on store shelves and draw in consumers and ultimately lead to greater sales. These special effects can give the most ordinary plastic an extraordinary appeal. Plastics Color can facilitate a product transformation, offering a broad range of additive solutions that can extend your brand.

There are a range of special effect additives that can be used to enhance and differentiate consumer and industrial products. Metallic flake can add a shine and shimmer, giving plastics the appearance of polished steel or brushed aluminum. Pearlescents offer an iridescent effect giving the luster of pearls. They are used regularly in containers for personal care products such as shampoo and cosmetic items. Sparkle can be achieved either by the inclusion of small metallic flakes or, for a more subtle effect, glass-encapsulated pearlescent particles.

Glow-in-the-dark, or phosphorescent, pigments absorb light and then re-emit it in the dark. These are used in industrial and consumer safety products where visibility at night is required. Granite or marble stone effects can be achieved in a range of uses, most notably in garden planters or decorative surfaces.

Plastics Color works with you to determine the best special effect to help enhance your product development effort. Let special-effect additives enhance your brand and give your products an edge. Contact us by completing the form at the bottom of this page.

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