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Tap the experts when developing new color formulations

Color selection is an important consideration in the product development cycle. It’s vital for aesthetics and product positioning but it’s also a variable that can significantly affect processing, performance and cost.

Resin type will determine what type of colorant will be used because these materials respond differently to a wide range of color formulations. Colorants can also affect physical properties (strength, flexibility, toughness) of plastic components and also the processing parameters (i.e., process temperature, shrinkage, warpage).

Make color a high priority

Leading colorant and masterbatch suppliers like Plastics Color will bring important knowledge and help you develop formulations that are effective in terms of both performance and processing while also meeting cost requirements.

We bring decades of experience in color development and our team of skilled scientists is focused on delivering innovative products to the marketplace. Our Solutions Center in Asheboro, NC provides the environment and resources to brainstorm, create and test new colors for the plastic products of tomorrow. The Center is supported by the latest equipment and an up-to-date inventory of color chips and samples for on-demand delivery.

We help deliver the appropriate colors, in the right place, at the right time, every time. At the Solutions Center, processors and brand owners can develop custom colors, select from thousands of existing colors and match your target for branding or aesthetics. Our job is to monitor color trends and adapt them when appropriate to keep you on the cutting edge and create packaging that perfectly fits your style and brand image.

We have all the resources in place and we’re ready to deliver the next wave of breakthrough applications. Make color a priority and tap the experts. Get your questions answered at info@PlasticsColor.com.

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