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The Additive Benefit When It Comes To LiquiSol

PCC Additives and LiquiSol 440x.jpg (PCC Additives and LiquiSol 440x)
Often we get asked, ‘can I use additives with LiquiSol?’ And, we answer with an astounding ‘yes!’

One of the benefits of partnering with us is the technology and innovation behind our product lines. Our LiquiSol liquid colorant is founded on innovative, proprietary technology that allows us to have a carrier system like no other on the market.

This LiquiSol carrier system not only allows manufacturers to infuse resin with color, but also any additive – whether functional or specialty – we offer.

There are times when product specifications require an antistat, slip, UV stabilizer, toner, optical brightener, etc. And that should not be a hindrance from using a liquid carrier system. With LiquiSol, if you’d like an additive in the product mix, we are glad to custom formulate to meet those requirements.

However, LiquiSol is not limited to the inclusion of just functional additives, but when your product line requires the performance in the specialty arena – we can help you out there as well. FlamaSol flame retardants, MicroBlok antimicrobials, and MiBatch anti-counterfeiting systems work as well.

As a global solutions provider for the plastics industry, we have been in business over 50 years. With that being said, we are on the cutting edge of technology innovations, whether it stems from our color development, digital tools, product innovation with leading additives lines, we continue to strive to not only meet but also exceed market demands.

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