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The Colors Of Summer

Is any season as colorful as summer? From the yellow of the sun to the violet of a thunderstorm, the red of a flower to the shimmering blue of the sea, summer colors are brighter, more vibrant, more noticeable than anything other seasons can offer.

This summer’s palette includes vivid, optimistic brights as well as softer shades that encourage a sense of calm and stability, according to the spring/summer forecast from Pantone, the leader in color forecasting for fashion and design.

In an uncertain world, Pantone’s Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman noted in the seasonal color report, “colors this season transport us to a happier, sunnier place where we feel free to express a wittier version of our real selves.”

Among the season’s favorites are

  1. Buttercup, a true vehicle to Eiseman’s “happier, sunnier place.”
  2. Fiesta, a fiery, yellow-based red that’s exciting and free-spirited.
  3. Snorkel Blue, an energetic member of the navy family that also whispers of relaxation and vacation.
  4. Rose Quartz, the color of a serene sunset.
  5. Green Flash, a bold, escape-the-mundane hue that represents nature’s persistence, even in urban environments.

Over at Color Marketing Group, an international association for color design professionals, the hue for June is “Live Lively,” a fresh, free-spirited yellow that evokes the sun … and graffiti markings. It’s a “zestful flash of color pop” that’s showing up everywhere from nail polish to pillows to designer handbags, according to the organization’s June “color alert.”

Don’t leave your home out of the seasonal spruce-up. If you’re updating or redecorating this summer, House Beautiful suggests

  1. Lilacs and purples. Though often considered kids’ colors, these shades are capable of achieving sophistication and warmth, especially when paired with grays or blues.
  2. Milky blues. Think of the faded walls of elegant, historic European houses.
  3. Neutrals paired with jewel tones. Bold pops of color in a neutral room tell your eyes where to focus.
  4. Clean whites. Not a trend, a design essential.

Radiant is all the rage at HGTV, where summer decorating advice begins with a lively shade of green. Use it to make a daring statement in an otherwise neutral room. Other suggestions for brightening up the season

  1. Bold blue, suitable for both masculine and feminine settings.
  2. A sunny, cheerful shade of daffodil that mirrors the radiance of the sun.
  3. Stunning silver, especially when paired with soft white, ivory and baby blue.

Whether you’re wearing it or decorating with it this summer, don’t be afraid of color. No matter which hue you choose, let it take you to a sunnier, happier place.

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