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UV Stabilizer Additives

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What are UV Stabilizers?

UV stabilizers are additives for plastics that help mitigate deterioration or break-down of the plastics in products that are primarily used outdoors. These products might include but are not limited to lawn and garden equipment, pool equipment, pool and patio furniture, automotive application including both interior such as instrument and dash panels, and exterior parts. Sunlight, hot and cold temperatures and other weather situations can cause the properties that make plastic long lasting and beautiful to break down and cause color fading.

How do the UV Stabilizers Work?
UV stabilizers or “light” stabilizers attach to the free radicals in the polymer and stop the breakdown process caused by the sunlight.

Are There Any Other Types of Additives That Perform This Function?
There are additives called UV Absorbers which will absorb the light and dissipate its energy. These two additives are typically used in conjunction with each other – a mixture of these two.

Are These Used Strictly for Outdoor Products?
Not specifically. There are indoor conditions that can cause polymer products to break down and become brittle such as fluorescent lighting. Some applications for this might be vitamin bottles, medicine bottles or food packaging containers to help block UV or absorb UV.

Can I Use UV Stabilizers/Absorbers in Any Type of Polymer?
You can use UV stabilizers in pretty much any polymer material. If you can mold it or melt process it you can put UV stabilizers in it. There are different ingredients and formulas for different types of resins. The formula might change according to the type but as long as it’s thermoplastic we can put a UV stabilizer/absorber in it. Most of these additives are similar but perhaps different chemistry to make products last longer, and there are a couple of new ones on the market. Currently Plastics Color has some that we’re testing ourselves that will be coming online soon.

How Can You Be Sure The Stabilizers Work?
We do our own QUV testing here at the plant and we also send samples to outdoor weathering and testing labs in both Florida and Arizona to ensure that these products do the job.

If you have any further questions about Plastics Color and the UV stabilizers/absorbers we offer to make your outdoor products last longer or provide greater protection for your products under any lighting conditions, you can contact a Plastics Color Corporation representative here.

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