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Vitamin Sea: This 2020 Color Palette Makes Waves

PCC 2020 Colors of the Year - Hero

Are you a sunrise and coffee person or a sunset and cocktails person? Does the quiet beauty of mornings inspire you to live each day to the fullest? At the end of a long day, do you close your eyes and imagine relaxing by the sea?

This year's colors are all about the beauty of the ocean, warm sandy beaches and soothing blue skies. From the calming lavender of sunrise to the warm shades of sunset, this year’s colors open up all of the senses. Best of all, the natural beauty of water and sky inspires us and ignites our creativity.

PCC 2020 Colors of the Year - Laid Back Lavender

Laid Back Lavender – Color of the Year

Sunrise is a promise, a sign of optimism for the opportunities that await us each new day. The lavender hues of dawn’s watercolor backdrop can lead us to reflection and insight – especially when we are standing at the shore. 

Paying homage to the hope on the horizon, this year's Color of the Year, Laid Back Lavender, offers that fresh optimism we find at the start of a new day. One of the lightest shades of purple, Laid Back Lavender whispers to us of peace, dreams and promises.

PCC 2020 Colors of the Year - Sunset Rush

Sunset Rush

Another relaxing day ends with the sun winking one last time, illuminating the horizon with Mother Nature’s own paint brush.

Sunset Rush, a tranquil coral, evokes the magical moment when the sun slips below the horizon and we instinctively know that it’s time to rest, regroup and recharge. The glow of the setting sun fills us with warmth and comforts us with the assurance of a day well spent.

PCC 2020 Colors of the Year - Shark Skin

Shark Skin

A shark’s skin has to be bold enough to protect the animal from the elements but smooth enough to let it glide through the ocean with ease. Sharks also have to blend flawlessly into the depths.

Shark Skin brings boldness with a touch of mystery to the beach-themed palette. Much like its namesake, Shark Skin is daring and stands on its own with strength, courage and confidence. 

PCC 2020 Colors of the Year - Toes in the Sand

Toes in the Sand

There is nothing better than sitting back in a beach chair and sinking your toes in the sand. Ditching your shoes and walking barefoot on the beach takes us back to the carefree days of childhood. To-do lists and responsibilities are carried away with the tide, leaving us light-hearted and free.

And that's just one reason the beach is a place of refuge. Toes in the Sand lets your mind relax the same way it does when you are at the seaside. You can almost hear the mesmerizing waves and see the sparkle of the surf washing your worries away.

PCC 2020 Colors of the Year - Ocean & Sky

Ocean & Sky

We find some of nature's finest work in the space between the seas and the heavens. The cool comfort of Ocean & Sky represents cleansing and a new beginning. It is a breath of fresh air and an invigorating plunge into cool water on a hot day.

In Ocean & Sky, the healing properties of saltwater and the rejuvenating feel of a crisp breeze come together to awaken our sense of enlightenment and serenity.

Find Peace at the Beach with Color

Even if you can't get your toes in the sand, you can add inspiration to your product with this year's beach-themed palette. And just like the ocean, the options are endless.

Choose from the newest hues of the 2020 collection or work with the experts at Plastics Color Corporation to match an existing shade. Contact us today to learn more about our liquid colorants, color concentrates and functional additives for plastics, as well as our other products and services.

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