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What Is Mold Release Additive?

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Q. What is mold release?

A. Mold release is a functional additive that can be used in injection molding and even thermoforming molding. Mold release additives help keep parts from sticking or hanging on the part mold.

Q. What problems are caused by sticking parts?
A. Parts that stick to a mold can cause a lot of problems including slow and possibly interrupted cycle times. This can result in lost production and interrupted scheduling, lost product due to quality issues, and even damage to the mold such as broken core pins and other damage that requires the mold to be removed and repaired.

Q. What types of mold releases are there?
A. There are a variety of mold release options on the market that can be used to help release parts from the molds. The mold release functional additive is formulated into the concentrate or compound and integrated into the part; however, there are some spray versions of mold release that are aimed directly at the mold’s cores and cavities. While a spray solution may work, these sprays – some using silicone – cannot always be used on parts that are used on molds for certain applications such as medical devices, food and beverage containers, jars and bottles.

Q. How can I integrate a mold release into my plastic parts?
A. Plastics Color has an excellent solution for getting parts off the molds easily and quickly and keep those cycles running fast. The mold release functional additive is put directly into the resin to help the parts come out of mold – off the cores – without disrupting cycle time. With Plastic Color’s mold release additive, parts will come off the cores without damaging the mold, and the additive is safe for use across a broad range of applications.

To ensure that your high-volume, fast cycling molds stay running smoothly and produce the high quality parts your customers require, be sure and inquire about Plastics Color’s mold release additive. Your success is our business!

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