Manager Spotlight - Jennifer Presnell

When people hear Jennifer Presnell’s title – Corporate Quality Systems and Regulatory Affairs Manager for Plastics Color Corporation – they may not realize that the role was created specifically for her based on her many and varied qualifications.


Discovering ISO/IEC 17025: The Challenges And Benefits

The path to ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation isn’t as hard, or as tricky, as lab gossip makes it out to be. Companies that overcome their angst receive instant creditability. A better understanding of ISO/IEC 17025 will allow more manufacturers to feel comfortable with the accreditation process. Discover the most difficult challenges and the many benefits of obtaining your ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation. The path to accreditation may be a challenge, but the reward, in the end, is well worth the effort.


Pharmaceutical Packaging Service Trends

The pharmaceutical industry is challenging and competitive and it pays to be aware of pharmaceutical packaging service trends at all times. With global sales passing the $1 trillion mark, product development and purity are more important than ever. Being first and being the best are crucial. Two important trends, lab services and clean compounding, offer innovative solutions to safeguarding the purity of the product and staying ahead of the competition.


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